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Volume 2, Number 1

October 2021

The Art of Terraced Landscapes Journal

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Art in terraced landscapes encompasses all kinds of artistic expressions: from photographic collections of terraces, drone footage of terraced landscapes, artistic expressions of stone-masonry and dry stone walling, sculptures and paintings, art happenings. The aim of the journal is to bring to life the idea and vision of every human action in and in relation to the terraced landscape as a precious document of coexistence.

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Volume 2, Number 1  (October 2021)

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Louisa JONES

History of a Hillside


Louisa Jones transports us to a terraced hillside in southeastern France. She and her husband bought in 1975 two properties of seven hectares. One part was severely damaged by agrochemicals, the other was abandoned for five decades.

Enriching diversity in hill ecosystems, creating visual rhythms with stone walling, Louise and Bernard are passing down a local heritage, a place of enjoyment and inspiring well being.





Solace in a Time of Covid (with a nod to

Gabriel Garcia Marquez)


Bethe Hagens takes us to Maine, USA. Her home garden on a hill is the location where she, for more than six years, patiently removed trash, created soil and planned her dream garden with terraces made of stones and a great variety of edible plants and flowers growing freely.




Volume 1, Numer 2 (December 2020)



Quick sketches following the expedition of terraces on La Gomera


Francisco Leiva of the Aranea coined the term Bancalismo - a movement to revive terrace culture in terms of aesthetics, way of life, special food and wine, space for recreation and well-being.




Volume 1, Number 1  (October 2020)



A Novel Approach to Scarecrows in Japanese Rice Terraces (Photo Stories)


The design project of Ueno Yuji from Nagaoka in Japan promotes how to use of scarecrows in Japan’s rice terraces based on the idea that “scarecrows are farmers and friends”.





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